Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[T]his and That; Verse and Chorus; Quote and Unquote

"I'm dying to catch my breath
Oh, why don't I ever learn?
I've lost all my trust
Though I surely tried to turn it around."

"A nightingale in a golden cage,
That's me locked inside a reality's maze.
Come someone make my heavy heart light,
Come undone, bring me back to life.
It all starts with a lullaby."

"A nightingale is still locked in the cage.
The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs.
An old oak sheltering me from the blue.
Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves."

"No remorse 'cause I still remember,
The smile when you tore me apart."

"Come into my world,
See through my eyes.
Try to understand,
Don't want to lose what we have.
I'll come into your world,
See through your eyes.
I'll try to understand,
Before we lose what we have."

"Obsession it takes control,
Obsession it eats me whole.
I can't say the words out loud,
So in a rhyme I wrote you down.
Now you'll live through the ages,
I can feel your pulse in the pages."

"Don't tear me down for all I need.
Make my heart a better place.
Give me something I can believe.
Don't tear it down, what's left of me.
Make my heart a better place."

"I'm afraid, I'm so afraid.
Being raped again and again and again.
I know I will die alone, but loved.
You live long enough to hear the sounds of guns,
Long enough to find yourself screaming every night,
Live long enough to see your friends betray you.
For years I've been strapped unto this altar.
Now I only have three minutes and counting.
I just wish that the tide would catch me first and give me
a death I always longed for."

"Waiting up in Heaven, I was never far from you.
Spinning down, I felt your every moves."

"Feed your anger to the devil,
In yourself built wishing well.
Take a swim in muddy waters,
All the dirt will leave a trail."

"The sun is rising,
The screams have gone.
Too many have fallen,
Few still stand tall.
Is this the ending of what we've begun?
Will we remember what we've have done wrong?"

"Keep my thoughts buried in a box,
With each shots I still kept it locked.
You drew a play written with my blood,
Went ahead just to feed the lot."

"You took my heart,
Deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams,
I wished they'd turn to real.
You broke the promise,
And made me realize,
It was all just a lie."

"A song of me, a song in need,
Of a courageous symphony.
A verse of me, a verse in need,
Of a pure-heart singing me to peace."

"I don't know where I'm going in search for answers.
I don't know who I'm fighting, I stand with empty eyes.
You're like a ghost within me who's draining my life.
It's like my soul is see-through, right through my empty eyes."

"All of my memories keep you near,
In silent moments imagine you'd be here.
All of my memories keep you near,
The silent whispers, silent tears."

"I have written you down,
Now you will live forever.
And all the world will read you,
And you will live forever.
In eyes not yet created,
On tongues that are not born.
I have written you down,
Now you will live forever."

Little Lies ~Two for Tragedy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Perks Of Being A [Wallpaper]

Hi guys friends,

   Well, lots of things happen this couple of weeks. Some are sad memories, and some are not-so-sad memories but I'm grateful for each day as I hope it will get me stronger and toughen me up more and more. I'm still trying to find a place for me to stand in this world though. Sometimes I feel like I'm a misfit toy in this land of wonder. Swinging left and right, up and down ~ flown through the air - like a speck of dust.

   You know that sometime we might encounter strange moment where we feel like this is where we belong and in a matter of seconds BAMM! you are not. I'm getting all emotional and teary on this post and I just can't helped it. We, human, wants something but most of the time we can't even tell what it is. Its hard to explain. Its really hard and it hurts too. All the pain swelling inside, all the angers, tears, happiness, and sadness and this emotion just keep on flowing and flowing non-stop. SHIT!

   Most of the times when something like these happens, I usually try to blame it on something or someone. Well as for this severe case I think I should blame it on one movie - The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. You guys got to watch this film. Its somehow feels so close to me but none of my friends kill themselves nor any of my Aunt try to rape me but I do get the 'seeing something' part. Visions in form of pictures and flashes happening to me. I don't have any blacked-out moment either but still whatever is happening is not cool.

   Most of the time I do feel like I'm being a wallpaper whenever I'm in a group of friends. I don't really talk much to people whom I just met. I mostly like to observe human's behaviors. It amuse me all the times. I know that my own behavior that cause me this shit but I'm lucky I guess to have a few friends who always notice me and try to drag my butt out from my own imagination-unreal world back to reality.

   As much as I was jealous by other people around me, I really am happy for them. I always put the lives of others in front of me. I get and feel happy whenever they are happy. I put on my fake smile and congratulate them. My happiness for them was sincere okay! Just that behind all that happiness I feel so sad. I have to say I was so shocked by the movie I mentioned above because it was really me and again except for that really painful moments but hey, I have my own share of painful and hurtful moments too. I like the ending. I want that in my life. To be able to feel the freedom.

   Damn I just realize that FREEDOM might be the cause of this thing? Freedom, freedom, freedom... this words has been bugging me ever since. What is freedom actually? Does it really matters to me? In a movies, whenever the word 'freedom' is being use, usually it end up with one character asking the other(s) "Will you willing to pay the price of freedom?" I mean like c'mon.... that line is so cliche...

   What exactly the price I have to pay for my freedom? Living on my own so the price would be all the bills on the counter? All the foods that I have to buy? - all that? This is where money issue comes in. The root of all evil in this pathetic world. For money people fight with each other! For money they kill each other! For money they start a war with each other! War generates money for certain countries and I'm not gonna talk about that so you guys figure it out - the truth is out there as long as you open your eyes and try to analyze it.

   I want my friends, good friends. Like Charlie had. Like Patrick and Sam. Will it ever happens to me? I guess I need to change myself first. Try socialize a bit. I did tried it before though... Doesn't end up so well. Got pretty scared if you ask me. If I fail once doesn't mean I have to stop right?

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is a little-death that brings obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

~ Little Lies trying to understand the world all by himself. Will he succeed? No one knows~~

Friday, February 15, 2013


Since I'm super free and got nothing to do, I have this strong feeling to write something but.... I got no topic... I just know I have to post something and yet I have no idea...

Urgh! Well, maybe later once I got anything worth it to share.

Little Lies losing his mind and soul~~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frank Herbert's Dune Series

Hi readers,

So any of you guys here is a bookworm? I wouldn't consider myself one but I do really enjoy reading much. I love novels - a LOT! But even so, I don't really have a lot of novels in my possession. The genre that mostly appeal to me are Adventure, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. 

Sadly I only have a handful of novels with me right now. A few from Harry Potter's series, one from The Golden Compass, only 3 out of 4 from The Inheritance series "Eragon" and only the first 2 books from Frank Herbert's Dune series, namely 'Dune' and 'Dune Messiah'. See?? Even though I am a fan of Fantasy genre but I don't have anything from The Lord of the Rings =_="...  Sad isn't it...and still I dare to say "I love novels - a LOT!"

So on this post, I want to talk about Frank Herbert's Dune!!! Well I'm not really a big fan of Sci-fi actually if you look on my collections - lol. But Dune is for me the best novel I have ever read. The content and context of it simple amazing and just magnificent! Its an amazing work considering it was publish on 1965! I am not a very good writer to write a review about how great DUNE is compare to others but I will just rant about how awesome it is here so please don't try to judge me okay. If you guys wants more detail about a review or something please click here

Dune is not like any other Sci-fi novels - even though I own none other than Dune but I still read other sci-fi novels at MPH mostly...for free :] Where can you get a novel so details in explaining its contents? From the environments, geological aspects, flora and fauna, human interaction, quotes, religions and even languages - not to mention space travel and universe which is common in sci-fi right? To think that even George Lucas' Star Wars borrow inspiration from Dune to create Tatooine - its just happens to be one of the greatest novel ever written.

The first chapter - DUNE - is a winner of 1966 Hugo and also took home the first Nebula Awards. 

Alec Newman as Paul Atreides
in 2000 and 2003 miniseries
The story basically revolves around a young man, and not just an ordinary man, Paul Atreides is a heir for House of Atreides in Caladan. Well the Duke Leto Atreides is his father and Lady Jessica is her mother and they are moving from Caladan to Arrakis or aka Dune to establish an establishment there to control the Melange - the spice. In their time, Melange is consider to be the most sought after thing in the whole universe and i the whole universe, Melange only exist on Arrakis - a desert planet.

What they didn't know is that the Empire and House of Harkonnen is planning a plot against Atreides because Duke Leto is popular among the royal houses. So the Emperor sent House of Atreides to Arrakis simply to assassinate the whole bloodline. So the story continues...

Well, DUNE has been made into a movie, miniseries as well as games. In 1984, director David Lynch made DUNE into a movie however it got many negatives critics and trust me that if you like DUNE, you have to at least watch this movie one time. I recommend just download and then watch it then quickly delete it! But rejoice for in 2000, John Harrison produced and directed a miniseries for tv using the name 'Frank Herbert's Dune'. Its a long miniseries about 5 hours but I have to its really worth it And in 2003 they made a sequel called 'Frank Herbert's Children Of Dune' and this sequel although it use the name from the 3rd book, its actually a combination from the 2nd and the 3rd book, namely "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune".

James McAvoy as Leto Atreides II
In the miniseries, which in 2004 were two of the three highest-rated programs to be ever broadcast on Syfy channel, Alex Newman plays the part as Paul Atreides or later known as Paul-Muad'Dib. Young James McAvoy as Leto Atreides II - yes, he is the same guy on Wanted with the ever so sexy Angelina Jolie and he is from Scotland! That's explain the thick accent. The miniseries is a success and the first part even won some awards!

You can click here for the Frank Herbert's Dune and click here for Frank Herbert's Children Of Dune.

The music is composed by Brian Tyler for the miniseries and I have to say the whole soundtrack sounds so awesome! If you kind of like a desert song or middle-east influence music you should get the soundtrack. There is one song that really captivate me - Inama Nushif - I keep on listening to it till this very moment that I wrote this post. Below is the montage of from Children of Dune in which the song is first introduced in the miniseries. Its really a haunting song and it really makes me got goosebumps! The song is sung entirely in Fremen languange by an Iranian singer Azam Ali - a language created by Frank Herbert for the Fremen tribe on Arrakis although Brian Tyler admits he did change it just to make it more musical. Enjoy!

Little Lies - Dune really changes my perspective of ones life and how we see things. From a Boy to Duke to an Emperor to a God-like King and ends in tregedy...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[ETC] Moving To A New Place!

So now I'm officially moved to Kepong! No longer a KJ-ians...

New home, new environment, new people, and soon new work..

How should I do this? Something I haven't done in many years.... Honestly some people told me just now that I'm really friendly and I was like WTH... Course if you seen my face and I didn't know you >even to people I do know actually< my face looks so snobbish! Sombong!

Well as a matter of fact I'm just to shy...But once I get comfortable with someone I am really am a very talkative person. Especially in our conversation involve things about Musics or Animals! I literally can't stop talking.

Actually tonight I wanted to post about music as well but then again I refrain myself from doing so. Then the emo idea came along and again I try my best not to post something sad or frustrating here.

Like, c'mon Little Lies,  please for once in your life >when you want to post a new blog< please please please be happy! But really I'm only really happy when my post involve musics or

Come to think off it, I never post any animals-related thing here on Little Lies.... On my last blog I did posted a few... Like how I am part of Nat Geo "I Am The Ocean" campaign. That was really good.

I'm an animal lover, I mean like all sorts of animals except maybe certain insects or arachnids... scary... 

Okay gonna save the animals story on later post! Since I'm currently unemployed, I got lots of time to write new post! I guess....

Damn have to try to find new work asap... If any of you guys here knows any vacancy, please feel free to drop a comment below!

Have a nice day/night/afternoon/evening guys!

~Little Lies is planning to go to ZOO before he can write a post about animals - needs to get the motivation!~

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spurs of Moment

"Simply my life..."

I somehow think I only write something here whenever I feel sad or unhappy or just downright emotional..
I kinda make a little promise to myself that I don't want this new blog of mine to be just as same as the one I've deleted before because its just so full of sad stories and chapters that I rather thrown away and be forgotten with times.

"Times will heal" they said, but well...not for me I guess. The more I progressed in life, more haunting it became to me. It just won't leave me and stays in me. Memories are not easy to be erase from ones life completely, it create us, it made us as who we are today. It flows in our, in my every veins, completes me and grant me strength as well as show my weaknesses... It is unforgivable...

Each and every day I tried to gather all that's left in me to start a new day, a new me, to face to new challenges that lies ahead and to push me forward but, lately I am not entirely myself... Hiding in disguise, smile weakly; I had to drag my two cold feet across the room, waltz to the melancholy melody that draining myself slowly but surely...

What did you guys do whenever you feel down and sad? I listen to musics. I'm not good at singing nor playing any instruments but i tend t let my imaginations run free on its own will and makes me immerse myself in music. Hearing every notes, understand every bars, find each and every meaning to every songs. Isn't it amazing how music can really does the trick?!

Recently I get myself to listen to classical musics again. Those amazing scores, arias, composition & repertoires. My favourite is Ludwig van Beethoven although I also favors all the big "B's" - Johannes Brahms & Johann Sebastian Bach but my favourite is always been Beethoven as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. My most favourite piece from Beethoven would be his Amazing "Symphony No.7 in A Major Op 92, II Allegretto''. That piece would just spurs inspirations and imaginations for me. And not to forget Mozart's "Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" ("Hell's Vengence Boils in My Heart").

Well I think I'm gonna hit the bunk and get a good rest. Another 6 days of wrath awaits me.
Goodnight guys.

~Little Lies - Hmmm....~

Sunday, November 11, 2012



Ailee finally dropped the BOMB on October 16th!!! She sends out an exclusive invitation to all Aileeans to experience the music she loves so much with her fans who clearly enjoy her music!

Below is the tracklist in 'Invitation':
01. 보여줄게 / I Will Show You   4.5/5 stars
02. 폭풍속으로(feat.버벌진트) / Into The Storm (feat Verbal Jint)   5/5 stars
03. 저녁 하늘 / Evening Sky   5/5 stars
04. My Love(feat.스윙스) / My Love (feat Swings)   4/5 stars
05. Shut up (feat.Simon D)   4/5 stars
06. Heaven   6/5 stars lol!

보여줄게 / I Will Show You
The main title song and is the #1 single from the album. The song is about one girl who happens to be not-so-pretty and her boyfriend decided to dump her and go look for a pretty girl, so she fed up and make a total make-over and become this chick that is so famous in-town for her beauty. Well as tacky as it may sound, the ex-bf come running back to her and she goes around playing hard-to-get to make the ex crazy but finally she gave in. Below is the official MV for 보여줄게 / I Will Show You.

Honestly, the message of the song is not something that I personally like as it shown how Koreans are obsessed with beauty but Ailee once said that she is the ugly duckling in KPOP because she doesn't look as pretty as other KPOP singers. 1 advice Ms. Lee, "You are hot and you got the body and style and most importantly a damn hell of VOICE to make it through".

Some say that the MV itself looks cheap but hey, Ailee is from YMC Ent., not YG or SM or even JYP! It may look cheap but power enough. Back to the song, its easy as to see why this song is chosen as title track because it started off slow ballad-like then BAM! Full force and power kicks in. Ailee basically showcase everything that she have in her bag in just one song! All and all it was a good song, good melody, power chorus and catchy.

폭풍속으로(feat.버벌진트) / Into The Storm (feat Verbal Jint)

The #2 song and it started off with a slow rap by 버벌진트 / Verbal Jint. Personally it was my favourite track in the whole album. Ailee sounds so sweet yet mature in this song. This song is about how 'Love' makes her sad but somehow she will give in in love again because it's crucial in life to love and be loved. Soft and melodically song that is so soothing despite the raps and beats. 

저녁 하늘 / Evening Sky 

A soft power ballad. It takes slow to build up but in the end it just explode! Ailee sang the 1st verse and 1st chorus in dream-like trance but the sweet timbre in her voice just really shines throughout this entire song. Dominated heavily by piano, guitar and strings plus being painted beautifully by Ailee's voice and it creates a very strong prominent ballad.The story of this song is about lost love. How she love someone but that person leave her and that memory haunted her that she will only gave half of her all everytime she falls in love but eternally she still longed for the first love. On side note, this song is feature as the main OST for Dakota Fanning's new movie 'Now Is Good' but this song only been used as a promotion for South Korea only. With this song being chosen - a special tie-in official MV released with the scene from 'Now Is Good'. Immerse yourself!

My Love(feat.스윙스) / My Love (feat Swings)

This song is a typical soft Soul R&B American-influenced song. Compare to other songs, this song is very laid back and sounds very 90's. Ailee said that this is her most favourite song because its just a plain o' R&B. At first I don't really like this song but it grows on me as I keep listening to it. It has an early Mariah Carey conversion to R&B feel to it. It's about how she gave all of her's to this guy whom she love so much even though that guy has nothing yet she will stay with him nonetheless.

Nawa hamkke idaeroman isseojwo                                        - Just be like this with me

Naega gibuni an johado nal bomyeo useojwo                     - Please smile at me even if I don't look so good
Neowa hamkkeramyeon gue eodirado gal su isseo         - I can go miles if I am with you
I sungan idaero - Baby you're my love                                   - Being this way at this very moment - Baby you're my love

Shut up (feat.Simon D)

This song is wicked and dope! It's about this ex-bf of her who wants to be together again and keeps on begging and bothering her so she just do what a girl gotta do - tell him to shut up! This song is fast and loud - an epitome of a song full of rage, disgust and hatred - its just all in the right way and not to mention the way Simon D rapped or should I say raped this song in a badass tone just so cool!

Recently Ailee released an OST for the KDrama - Full House Take 2. The song is called "Love Note". A slow ballad about the feeling of falling in love for the first time in life. Aigoo... I got to say this song is awesome! She really hit those feeling with every notes she hit. Some say that Ailee can only be good when she belt out those amazing high notes and runs but this song just proved that she can sing softly and make it sounds so emotional. I can go on and on about how sweet this song is so I guess its better for you guys to listen to it and maybe even get the same feeling. Enjoy the feeling of first love!

So that's all folks! That is my review for Ailee's EP - Invitation.

Total rate: 4.5/5 STARS

I would have rate it higher but to be honest this whole EP is being saved by Ailee's vocal alone. The songs aren't that awesome per say or should I say it like a basic song but since Ailee is such an all-rounder she is able to pull-off all the songs in the correct path. Unlike the debut song - Heaven, that song is really a killer song! For those who have watched all Ailee's performance in Immortal Song 2 knows that Ailee really have an undisputed talent so as to why YMC didn't try to get a better song for her is a mystery. Maybe they are saving it for her full album? Hopefully that is the real case here or not eventually Ailee's talent will go to waste...

Okay one more thing before I end this, I really hate when someone said that Ailee is just another KPOP singer who can't really sings live. I mean like please, if you can't sing live >singing AND dancing< why would they made her belt out those high notes?? Seriously people... This gal rite here - AILEE can sing and dance at the same time and still maintain her composure!

This just shown that Ailee can really sings LIVE!!

[121111] Ailee - I Will Show You on Inkigayo - Live

Little Lies ~ is an Aileean for life lol...

Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm going downhill for every moments I spent on this barren land

I'm withering like unwanted weed that no one wants

I'm falling into the abyss of unforgiving darkness

I'm drifting in a timeless zone - slowly, endlessly

I'm drowning in a pool of black liquid so thick and foul

I'm caressing what is left of my life that quietly leaving me behind

I am lost forever...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mere Existence

Have you ever been abandon? Or perhaps you abandon someone?

I've always seen in dramas or movies with a scene between family members where either the parent disowned their child or the other way around and I always got teary eyed but I have never understood the feeling >its just their acting is sooo good..<

Until recently... Oh no, its not like my parent disowned me but something similar

After I quit my last job, I worked with my aunties on family business but 1 of my aunt >N< is so fucking retard. To sum it all up - I just couldn't hold it in any longer since she started attacking my mother at me almost everyday. I can tolerate being scolded at but don't mess with my family. I don't care if you hate my mama but she IS my mama, no matter how she is my mama who work her ass off and struggling to raise my big bro and me alone.

So we end not talking to each other for more than a month now. I'm not going to lie, seeing her face and hearing her voice everyday at workplace from 8.00am - 9.15pm is really stressful!

In my mind now, she is no longer my aunt. I shall forget her entirely and never in my life I have an aunt with the name >N<. Honestly it doesn't feel right but now I know what is the feeling to just ignore someone existence and being ignored back. Hehehe...  

Well yesterday was Hari Raya Aidiladha and me and my mama went back to my other house in Kepong just to get away from the her. I was thinking to get a new job.

Hm.. I don't know what or how or anything I can actually do to fix this but if let say we are back on normal terms, I really think she going to start the same routine again over and over because this is not the first time. I endure everything last time but I have a limit to how much I can take and tolerate with her attitude.


*Little Lies - Am I trying too hard or I think too much?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Phase of [LIFE]...that I didn't & failed to get

I've been on a roller-coaster ride, so many ups and downs and merry-so-round...

There are so many nasty things going on in my life now...well not to mention the world we all live in currently is cruel and all but honestly, I get tired of it...

I figured out that we all get something like this in some point in our life, heck, they say that life is like a wheel, one day we up and another day we way at  the bottom >no pun intended<

I believe that we all have some dreams that we hope to achieve but seems like far away and impossible in certain ways but deep in our heart we just can't let it go
Like me, I dream to become an entertainer or singer or anythning that involve performing art.. BIG LOL for to me... Its funny that I even had that dream when I know somehow its not gonna happen.

I've been a president of a Theather Club back during my school days, I'm the lead during my school musical, I choreo some moves, I help out with some play auditions and even go as far as performing at Malacca one time but now its all seems so surreal to me...

Have you ever watch GLEE and you get all excited and sing along? I did!! You go and figure out what that means.. Hish..

Now I'm 23 and still some nights I wished that I had live my fantasy the way I want it to be and just live the life that I want and love so much..

I had my share of stupid and ridiculous things I've done before that I happen to regret it so much, I mean we all are sooner or later if that still doesn't happen to you..
I am trying my luck in this world now to say the least. Live day by day, hoping that someday somehow I might be able to get what I wished for...

Hahahaha!! Look at me writing up some stupid wishy-wishy thingy here on my blog... Look pals, grow up and be better >and get better!< please.. Life is not a movie although some movies are inspired or based on real life but then again, I'm old enough to know what's real and what is not but still...I just can't help it...

I'm hopeless... Hopeless in life, Hopelessly romantic >and I suck at it<, Hopeless in tryng to achive my dreams, Hopeless in thinking that I can even touch my dreams, I am just really hopeless in so many ways... It suck BIG TIME to be me... How freaking naive can I be sometimes well most of the times actually..

Mostly during time like this I will scroll down and re-read the entry about Andy. How am I so thankful for his letter that keep on reminding me that I live in a real world, the real deal, the real me.

Friends and Foes alike, cheers on the upcoming October 2012 and wish you guys will have an awesome month ahead and hopefully some of you get to grab your chances and taking one step towards what you wishing for.

So as for now, enjoy!

Little Lies  - creating avalanche in life now

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I've been away for too long!!

I'll be back tonight >hopefully...<

With new post and all...

Do I actually have a fan here that waiting for my useless rants?? LoL

Hopefully I get to get something out.

Its not that my life is so boring and empty that I cannot write anything,
its just that I don't think its a fun thing to post here. Believe me that Raya was
crazy as hell hehehe.

Till tonight..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

*Have to SPAZZ about this!

I know its Eid Ul-Fitr celebration now >for me at least..<
But I just watch this performances and I just feel a strong need to post it on Little Lies!

3 awesome performances that are more than enough to showcase her talent and I have to say to all K-POP idols out there, you better watch out for this gal >AILEE< because she got pipes and show-manship like you guys never seen before! You can flash your choco abs or legs or that skinny tapioca root you call body of yours but you will be this good!

And she only debut on February 2012... Waiting for your comeback which suppose to be in October 2012 patiently >or not...since I can't take it anymore...<

Perf - ROSE [120818]

Perf - Night's Dream [120811]

Perf - Fate [120630]

For a new artist she did a colaborations with few existing Korean artists as well.
This is her latest colaborations

Eru - Highlight [feat. Ailee]